Sky Imports Ltd
International Household Importer & Distributor

Q: Do you have a sales rep that can visit me?
A: Yes, we do have sales reps in some parts of the UK. Please contact us for further details.

Q: Are all your goods imported from China?
A: Most of our goods are imported from China, however we do have a range of goods that we buy from other UK companies. We try to source our items carefully to provide our clients with the best quality and cheapest possible prices.

Q: What is your minimum order?
A: We have NO minimum order but as a wholesaler we sell boxes only.

Q: Do you offer FREE delivery?
A: Depending on the item, distance and time of the year, free delivery may be offered.

Q: How much is the delivery cost for orders?
A: Depending on the item size and weight, distance and quantity. Prices will be offered according to our courier terms and conditions.

Q: Is collection from your warehouse FREE?
A: Yes

Q: Are your prices Plus VAT?
A: Yes VAT needs to be added where applicable.

Q: Do I have to own a company to buy from SKY IMPORTS LTD?
A: You don’t have to own your own company to buy. We sell to solo traders and companies alike.

Q: Can I return goods?
A: Please ask about our return policy before buying. We accept returns of certain items only.

Q: How can I place my order?
A: We have 3 easy ways you can order; online by emailing us, call us or by visiting our showroom.

Q: In what ways can I pay?
A: You can pay using PayPal or simply coming to our showroom/warehouse in Manchester.

Q: Do you offer discounts / Do you negotiate your prices?
A: Please contact us and we can see if anything can be done depending on the products you are looking to purchase and your quantity.
If you are looking for a big discount then we may be able to offer an import service directly where we buy from.

Q: Do you offer credit accounts?
A: This is something we can look at after at least 6 months of ordering on a regular basis, till then goods must be paid for before collection or delivery.

If there is still a question you may have after reading the above, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or by visiting us.