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garden, car, patio hose
garden, car, patio hosegarden, car, patio hose


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Product Description

Garden, Patios & Cars hose .

Available in 3 sizes 50ft (15m) 75ft (22.5m) and 100ft (33m)

 This amazing expanding hose will stretch to 3 times its length

Super lightweight and easy to store, weighs less than 1.5lbs approx.

Simply attach to your garden tap and turn on the water and the hose will expand as you stretch it

Non kinking and easy to use you will never need to use a standard hose pipe again

So small the entire hose can be held in the palms of your hands

Hose nozzle supplied with 7 different modes: Shower, Flat, Centre, Cone, Full, Mist and Jet

Universal hose connector